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"When seeing Franko perform you are acutely aware that you’re witnessing a historical moment. His presence alone can transfix a full auditorium. I’m Here provided the same energy, with Franko’s body ricocheting our traumatic history directly back at us, unfiltered and unapologetically."

Becky Shirwan, London

"knocked sideways by the cumulative virtual weight of the images projected onto Franko B's flesh-canvas this evening - a body under siege, but standing strong and steadfast"

Stephen Hodge, Bristol

"It's still haunting me. It was beautifully executed, strangely emotional, often disturbing + totally mesmerising."

Stuart Who, London

"You enter the venue, it's an open space, industrial in feeling and style We stand around metal pillars in a large square, people saying very little, just waiting lights go out. A chalk white naked figure walks into the middle of the square and stands on a circular platform, the platform rotates and visions of heaven and hell are projected onto Franco's chalk-naked body. This otherworldly figure projecting the best and worst of human life and nature straight to our cortex, no one can look away we are spellbound."

Andrew James, London

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